Senior Administrator, Real Estate Services, Jersey

Hannah Penberthy

What made you join Crestbridge?

I joined Crestbridge in 2015 after finishing my A Level studies. I wanted to join an organisation where I would be supported in furthering my education despite choosing not to go to University and Crestbridge have proved themselves to be just that, standing behind me every step of the way in terms of my professional studies. I was also looking for a company where I felt valued and wasn’t ‘just a number’. Despite its rapid growth over the past couple of years, Crestbridge has maintained its ‘small company’ feel and there is a real sense of togetherness which is something quite special.

How has Crestbridge supported you and your career?

Crestbridge have been brilliant in supporting me in the very early stages of my career by providing me with countless opportunities to develop technically and in a more personal sense too. You are continually pushed to learn and grow, but there is always a ‘safety net’ of encouragement and support alongside that.

What do you like most about working for Crestbridge?

The business is so forward-looking and everyone is always keen to find ways to make things work better and I think it’s great that Crestbridge listen to people’s ideas and put things in to action were possible - it certainly makes a difference when you feel like your voice can be heard. The social events are always a great laugh too.

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