Manager, London

Sam Fisher

What made you join Crestbridge?

My department at WSM was merged with Crestbridge, so it wasn’t really a choice to join Crestbridge. However, if I had made the choice to move across to Crestbridge, the reason would have been;

“To join a larger firm, that operates internationally and values it’s members of staff as individuals, as opposed to “the norm” of other larger firms.”

How has Crestbridge supported you and your career?

Crestbridge has been extremely supportive in my ACA studies, encouraging me every step of the way, particularly when the journey has proved challenging. Also, I have a keen interest in Music performance and Crestbridge has encouraged this by allowing me to take an extended period of time out of the office to enable me to perform as Musical director for a professional show for a short run.

What do you like most about working for Crestbridge?

The thing I like most about working for Crestbridge is the sense of community within the office. We have a lively, friendly and personable team with a lot of character, which makes travelling into the office on a Monday morning something to look forward to.

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