Alison McArthur

US trips and key successes

Professional development is a key area for our colleagues and something we really encourage! We have found this isn't only achieved through training and exams but also through opportunities and hands on experience.

Recently, one of our Associate Directors, Alison McArthur, had the opportunity to head to our US offices in both New York and New Jersey alongside Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Perris, and Director, Real Estate Services, Scott McClure.

How long have you worked for Crestbridge and was there anything in particular that first attracted you to the business?

I joined Crestbridge in November 2019, shortly after completing my MBA. Crestbridge appealed to me as I was keen to work for an ambitious, fast-growing financial services business with a reputation for quality service. The friendly and collaborative working culture that I experienced after joining reinforced that I had made the right decision.

What is your current role and what does it entail?

My current role is Associate Director, Strategic Projects. It’s quite a broad role that involves working on projects related to our strategy – for example obtaining regulatory approvals to establish new service lines, supporting the establishment of our Ireland office, market research, the acquisition of Ovation Fund Services, and facilitating the development of the new company Vision.

You recently went on an extended trip to our New Jersey office. Can you tell us a little bit about the main objectives of the trip and any key successes?

Yes, I recently returned from a five week trip to the US with Paul Perris and Scott McClure – the purpose of which was to explore and validate opportunities for development of our business in the US following the establishment of our New Jersey office last year. Some key objectives of our trip was to raise our local profile, meet with prospective and existing clients, intermediaries and strategic partners, and identify new revenue generating opportunities for both the NJ office and the wider group.

Did you have the opportunity to meet our US based clients on this trip?

A growing number of Crestbridge’s key clients are US-based, so the trip was a great opportunity to meet with several of them to discuss recent exciting developments in the Crestbridge Group and identify additional opportunities for us to support their business. We were also delighted to hear some really positive feedback on our client servicing teams both in the US and Europe.

Did you enjoy the opportunity to meet colleagues from, and work in, one of our other Group locations? 

It was brilliant to finally meet Scot Hadley and the team, as well as Marta Ciemiega who recently joined our New York office as Business Development Director. We received a very warm welcome and were even lucky enough to be invited to Thanksgiving and their Christmas meal!

What, if any, were the main differences between working in New Jersey and your usual location of Jersey CI / London

The NJ team has created a close-knit, supportive environment with wonderful camaraderie – similar to that which exists in London and Jersey. The offices may be on different sides of the Atlantic, but there is still the same Crestbridge culture! I also got the opportunity to visit the New York office in the Avenue of the Americas – a brilliant location in the heart of Manhattan. Our busy schedule meant lots of travelling around to different meetings, which was a great opportunity to get to know the city and its fast-paced business culture.

Did the trip provide you with any personal development opportunities and if so what do you feel your learned from your time spent in the NJ office? 

The opportunity to meet with a variety of clients was invaluable. It gave me a great insight into the demands of their business and the ways in which we can develop our offering to further meet their needs. It highlighted the importance of providing consistently high quality service, of understanding and anticipating the client’s needs, of being responsive, and nurturing the relationship so that it lasts for the long-term – our clients’ success is our success, and as they grow we want to be on that journey with them.

What advice would you give to people hoping to travel with work?

Take the opportunity if it arises. Meeting new people, learning new things, and getting outside your comfort zone is not only enjoyable and exciting, but it is also fantastic for both personal and professional growth.

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