Lockdown Love

Crestbridge employees celebrate Valentine's Day

As the social restrictions brought about by the pandemic continue, we’re constantly reminded of physical and emotional distances that have become part of our daily lives. Whether it’s the day-to-day social distancing with people in our communities or the distance with those friends and relations we care so much about but are separated from and are still unable to see face-to-face.

Despite or maybe because of this, if feels more important than ever to find ways to show love and support for the people and things in our lives that we hold near and dear. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s an opportunity this year to celebrate love and kindness in all its forms, whether it’s acknowledging partners, family, friends, our communities or even ourselves. Some of our Crestbridge colleagues have already put plans in place to help celebrate the day…

Catherine from the Marketing team in Jersey, has organised personalised “Galentine’s” biscuits to be sent to her closest friends across the UK as a surprise. Currently stuck in lockdown, Catherine wanted to help take their minds off the day-to-day restrictions, endless home-schooling and job juggling by sending a surprise in the post as a way of uplifting spirits and sending some love and positivity Other colleagues are also celebrating friendship in different ways from dropping flowers on friends’ doorsteps to brighten their days to simply making plans to catch up with each other for some much needed zoom and wine time.

As important as it is to be kind to others, this Valentine’s Day is also a great time to make sure you are being kind to yourself. Taking care of yourself and your own wellbeing is more vital than ever so why not treat yourself to something you love or take time out to enjoy the activities that put a smile on your face.

As so many of us continue to work from home we’re also encouraging all our colleagues to take time-out from the digital world and spend time outdoors where restrictions permit. With walking becoming a favourite pandemic pastime, FindLove.je in Jersey is encouraging us to get outside with our loved ones and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and our communities on this special day, a digital detox is a great way for us all to look after ourselves and switch off.

No matter how you’re spending this Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a homecooked meal by candlelight with your partner, baking treats with the kids, taking time to call someone that is special to you, or simply making time for yourself; be kind to one another and to yourself.

Our culture at Crestbridge is focussed on showing and providing support and encouragement to our colleagues and cultivating a positive and enjoyable workplace where our employees can shine as well as a working environment that consistently supports client service excellence.

Have an enjoyable 14th February!

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