International Women's Day - Crestbridge Edition

As we come to the end of International Women's Day, we wanted to celebrate the successful women we have working with us, and to talk to them about what it is like to work at Crestbridge.

• What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

To me it’s a day when I can appreciate how lucky I am to have grown up in Latvia which is one of the only 10 countries in the world that are offering fully equal legal rights for women and men, as well as has more women employed in Science and Technology than men – this has shaped my personality and world view in such way that I have never been afraid to speak up or felt discriminated against based on my gender. And whilst that is my experience, it’s very important to acknowledge that this is by no means the majority of women’s experience and this should be a day where women’s achievements are celebrated and women feel inspired and empowered.

• What does its theme this year #ChooseToChallenge mean to you?

I believe nobody should ever feel like they can’t challenge something they don’t agree with or feel like they can’t take on a role based on outdated stereotypes. Unfortunately, however, these issues are very real and days like IWD and #ChooseToChallange theme are great tools to raise awareness of this.

• Thinking about IWD, what is your experience of working at Crestbridge?

I’ve had a great experience pursuing career in tech right from the very beginning – I feel I’ve always been treated equally, I have been able to express my opinion and felt listened to. I love what I do and I have continuously felt supported and appreciated by my team and Crestbridge.

• What advice would you give to other women about their careers in general and at Crestbridge?

I have had a very positive experience working at Crestbridge and I find the company culture very inclusive and diverse.

I would advise women to not be afraid to pursue a career of their choice, even if it appears to be in a generally male dominated industry – not only will you be able to do what you love, but you will inspire other women to do the same.

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