Meet Andrew Rafferty!

Meet Andrew Rafferty!

Andrew has worked at Crestbridge for 6 years and has just been promoted to Associate Director within the Real Estate Services team. Read more about his career success.

Andrew started at Crestbridge in 2016 as an Assistant Manager and in January 2022, he was one of 39 individuals across the Crestbridge Group to be promoted. Andrew recently shared some of his thoughts on his professional achievements, life at Crestbridge and the opportunities that have helped to shape his career to date.

What made you choose Crestbridge as an employer?

I chose to join Crestbridge for a number of compelling reasons: its specialised Real Estate offering; its independent ownership structure; its strategic growth ambitions; and the clear pathway that was set out for my career progression.

What has been your career path to date? 

Whilst studying at university, I undertook several internships at a trust company, and they offered me a full-time role shortly before I graduated. On joining, I was given responsibility for a portfolio of Trust & Company structures holding investments and properties. At the same time I and also began studying CGI IFA Level 4. I worked hard and as a result achieved several promotions as I also progressed through my studies, completing IFA Level 4 in 2013 and IFA Level 5 in 2015. I also did a 4-month secondment to the company’s Bahamian office in 2014!

In 2016, I wanted to build on my property experience and focus on this aspect of finance, so I began looking for opportunities in this area. Fortunately, a friend had recently joined Crestbridge and highly recommended it, so they put my name forward for an Assistant Manager role in the Real Estate team and I was lucky enough to get the job.

Since joining Crestbridge, I’ve had and amazing amount of support, guidance and opportunities which have helped me to advance my career and achieve a series of promotions, most recently to Associate Director. Shortly after joining I was also encouraged to commence studying the CGI Qualifying Programme to become a Chartered Secretary, which I completed in 2021.

How has Crestbridge supported your career goals and progression?

Crestbridge has supported my career goals and aspirations in a number of ways:

Throughout my time at Crestbridge I’ve always had a clear pathway to help me progress my career, together with support & guidance from my line managers to help achieve my personal goals.

I’ve been entrusted with several key client relationships that have helped to challenge me and enhance and elevate my capabilities.

I have also received a generous amount of financial support and additional leave for my studies helping to alleviate the high costs often associated with undertaking professional qualifications.

What makes your career at Crestbridge different from other organisations where you have worked?

Crestbridge really stands head and shoulders above other organisations for the way it invests in its people, its strategic ambitions, and how those two things interlink to provide opportunities to progress with your career. It’s also never shy about implementing change, which makes it an exciting organisation to be part of.

What aspects of your Crestbridge career have you most enjoyed? 

I’ve been fortunate to work with a great team since I first joined Crestbridge, which makes going into the office more of a pleasure than a chore.

I also get to work with some great clients that are market leaders in the Real Estate sector, and I have really enjoyed building relationships with them and having first-hand involvement with the interesting projects they invest in.

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