Meet Jasmine Le Cornu!

Meet Jasmine Le Cornu!

Having worked within the marketing team for just over two years, Jasmine explained the training that she has undertaken, how this has helped her enhance her day-to-day work and also what she’s enjoying most about working for Crestbridge.

Jasmine was promoted to Marketing Administrator in the recent January promotions at Crestbridge. Read more below on what she’s enjoying most about working for Crestbridge. 

What made you choose Crestbridge as an employer?

There were many things that made me choose Crestbridge as an employer. Firstly, I’d heard good things about Crestbridge from friends who already worked for the business and I also liked what I’d read about them. Secondly, from the moment I went for my first interview at Crestbridge, I was instantly put at ease and felt comfortable. Although it was formal process, everyone I spoke with was so friendly and easy to talk to but what sealed the deal, was that Crestbridge are eager for all their employees to continue their professional develop and further their career. That was very important to me as I was starting in a junior position and was keen to progress and keep learning.

What training and/or professional qualifications have you undertaken and how did that help your chosen professional career?

In 2021, I studied my CIM level 4 certificate in professional digital marketing. This qualification really helped me in my marketing career as it taught me how to plan and ensure completion of successful campaigns and different strategies that can be used for digital marketing. It also helped me learn a lot of technical terms that are used in the marketing world! Through doing this qualification, I now have a better understanding of marketing and can contribute more to team discussions, which has really helped me progress my career.

How has Crestbridge supported your career goals and progression?

Crestbridge supported me massively throughout my CIM course. They put me forward for the course and my teammates helped by answering any questions I had and providing real life context, that enabled me to complete my assignments more effectively. Crestbridge is always willing to support any training that employees want to be part of, and the new learning and development system has helped that greatly too. It’s now so easy to sign up to training and continue developing your skills at your own pace.

What aspects of your Crestbridge career have you most enjoyed?

Definitely all the people I’ve met – I work with an incredible team but everyone at Crestbridge is amazingly supportive and genuinely want to see you succeed.

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