Meet Robyn Morais!

Meet Robyn Morais!

Robyn has worked at Crestbridge for five years. During this time, she has had the opportunity to undertake various professional qualifications, a secondment to our Luxembourg office and two years ago, Robyn relocated to the London office.

Read on to learn more about Robyn, her career progression and what makes Crestbridge stand out as an employer.

What made you choose Crestbridge as an employer?

When looking for a new role, the reputation and culture of prospective employers was very important to me and I’d heard only positive things about Crestbridge, which was a good sign! In addition, the learning and development opportunities Crestbridge offers were very attractive as it was clear I’d be able to advance my career, with hard work, in a supportive and structured way.

What training and/or professional qualifications have you undertaken and how did that help your chosen professional career?

I studied the Chartered Governance Institute IFA Level 5 qualification and the CGI Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme which took me four years in total to complete.

I would highly recommend studying the CGI qualifications and completing it through to the Chartered level. Studying on the job provides the theory and technical knowledge to help you understand why you are completing a workstream, instead of simply going through a process. Furthermore, completing the qualification opens up opportunities to work cross-jurisdictionally and in other industries, should you choose to do so.

Besides professional training, what else can employees do to support their career development?

I would encourage employees to seek out and research all the different types of development opportunities available to them, for example secondments or relocations to other offices. I’ve been fortunate enough to do both with a secondment to Luxembourg and then relocation to the London office, where I’ve been based since 2020. These opportunities really help to expand your knowledge and take you out of your comfort zone.

What makes your career at Crestbridge different from other organisations where you have worked?

I always say this when interviewing prospective employees, but it's the people! Crestbridge and its competitors do the same type of work, but one of the differences at Crestbridge is the culture and the people.

What aspects of your Crestbridge career have you most enjoyed?

I think there are two areas for me. During my time in Jersey, pre-pandemic, the Crestbridge social events were always great fun! A standout for me was the Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas party in 2019. It’s always great to be able to relax and speak to colleagues outside of the working environment.

Equally, social events aside, as a manager, I really enjoy seeing my team develop and advance in their careers. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone progress from a trainee to senior administrator and beyond!

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