Q&A - real estate is more than just an asset

Sit down with Simon Todd

Crestbridge's Group Head of Real Estate, Simon Todd shares his views on what makes real estate the asset class of choice and why investment professionals should consider a career in the sector.

What is it about real estate that makes it the asset class of choice for you? 

Aside from the well documented and consistent merits of real estate as an asset class, bricks and mortar investments are tangible and capable of generating a genuine visceral response. Whether it’s buying your first home or investing in a new real estate asset there will always be that little tingle, that feeling of excitement that goes with it.

What is it about real estate that continues to interest you? 

Unlike stocks and shares, real estate is non-homogeneous, if simply by virtue of the physical space that it occupies. Which means that every transaction, every development, every scheme is different, needs to be looked at slightly differently and has its own challenges. Even the obstacles are attractive, often requiring 3D leaps of imagination to resolve that you won’t find in the 2D world of stocks and shares.

Why should someone consider a career in real estate? 

When I started in the sector more than 35 years ago, I was told that it is a great sector to be in because you don’t get stuck behind a desk all day and property people know how to have fun. There is certainly an element of work hard, play hard. Many things have changed in the sector over the years, but these two points have remained as a constant. Beyond this though a career in real estate offers tremendous variety, with so many layers to the real estate ecosystem affording opportunities to continually broaden your experience. Two days are rarely the same in real estate and the additional interest that stems from dealing with tangible assets and often being involved in every stage of a project from inception to building/redevelopment and though to completion, is hard to beat.


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